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High Frequency – English page

High Frequency   – “High Frequency” – debut album,  from July 2012 available on CD and digital donwload, on Raw Lines / New Model Label

First single “Walking My Way” in free-download on: www.newmodellabel.com

An high energy debut album with 10 tracks exploring many different sides and sounds, from grunge influences to more aggressive moments, catchy choruses and more intimistic ballads, following the lesson of bands like Nickelback and Foo Fighters. Too difficult to find new terms to describe this music so we can call it simply Rock!

“Walking My Way”, “Get Away” and “The Magical Mystery Love” are the album opening tracks introducing us into High Frequency’s world: melody, distortions and a great care for arrangements, developed during the two years of life of the band within reharsals and songwriting.

Luca Di Vincenzo is the singer and drummer of this young Italian four piece.

No need for further words… just listen and rock on!

Produced, recorded and mixed at Potemkin Studio – Civitanova Marche (Italy) by Paolo Ojetti


1. Walking My Way / 2. Get Away / 3. The Magical Mystery Love / 4. Go / 5. Sunny Rain / 6. Believe In Your Head / 7. The Last Train To Freedom / 8. Revenge / 9. Don’t Believe In Appearances / 10 Pig Uncle!

Line up 2012: Luca Di Vincenzo – Vocals / Marco Grilli – Bass / Marco Pierdomenico – Guitars / Giammario Angelini – Guitars / Andrea Rabuini – Drums


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