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Lunacy Box

LUNACY BOX – “Lunacy Box”-  DEBUT CD –  available on CD and all digital stores

Lunacy Box were led by the sensual and aggressive singer Ms Larsen who is also a professional photo reporter.
Fed since the very beginning of their lives with heavy metal as well as gloomy sounds of Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division and Nine Inch Nails, Lunacy Box  emerged from the darkness revealing their fascinating Death Rock sounds.
“Lunacy Box” includes 9 unreleased tracks. Killer songs as “Save”, “Wrong Lane” and “Hey Man Nice Shot” a cover of Filter’s classic, beautifully performed and rearranged, “More Than I Do” which shows the violent side of the band as well as “Hide” a semi-acoustic ballad which enphasizes Ms Larsen’s most romantic and decadent side.

Awarded by Bristol BBC affiliated Radio BCFM as album of the year 2009, Lunacy Box split in June 2010 leaving a legacy behind.


Metal Hammer (Italy) – “A record who speaks its own language, full of music and personality which certainly deserves your listening”.
Ritual (Italy) –  “Lunacy Box’ influences are digging into industrial and dark wave… and you’ll be surely convinced by Ms. Larsen’s qualities and the expressions of a sonic entity emptied by all the cultural vices which since ages, are characterizing the misery of Italian record productions.”
Zillo (Germany) – “The quartet moves around with an extremely charismatic voice signed by Ms Larsen which demonstrates a good landmark on the official songs. Very promising work which must be kept under observation.”
Sonic Seducer (Germany) – “Ms Larsen has a beautiful soulful voice and very pleasantly she uses it skillfully on these songs.”

LUNACY BOX former line-up: Ms Larsen (vox), Andrea Bastoni (bass), Cristiano Santini (gtr), Davide Furlani (drums).

TRACKLIST: 1. Wrong Lane/ 2. Save / 3. Love To Hate Me / 4. Broken Dreams / 5. Nice Shot Prelude / 6. Hey Man Nice Shot / 7. No Turning Back / 8. I Think I’m Done / 9. Hide / 10. More Than I Do





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