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Ms Larsen strikes again: newly released collaboration with Helalyn Flowers

It’s been a while since Ms Larsen, former singer of Lunacy Box (also ghost vocalist for EMI Italy and Geffen Records) showed up.
This time, one of the most prominent artists in our catalogue, had a duet with Nøemi Aurora of HELALYN FLOWERS on “Frozen Star”, from their 4th Album “Sonic Foundation” released by Belgian label ALFA MATRIX and available on the 2CD Deluxe Edition.

Helalyn Flowers are helmed by eclectic Nøemi Aurora [Vocals/Songwriting/Programmings/Design] and polyhedric studio guru MaXX [Guitars/Songwriting/Programming/Production].

Defined by the press ‘like an orgasm written as music’ Helalyn Flowers are one of the most revolutionary female-fronted acts in the Industrial Rock scene by performing a hugely unique combination of Goth, Metal, Punk and Electro sonorities.

So we at Raw Lines, have the pleasure to announce this new collaboration between Helalyn Flowers and Ms Larsen.


The song has been wonderfully remixed by PUSH AGAINST NEW FAKES.

You can listen and/or buy the song by clicking right here: